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The final single to be taken from the debut album got a reworking thanks to Tricky. There was also remixes from Goldie, Massive Attack and Rabbit in the Moon.

Milk / Alien Sex Fiend / Stupid Girl [Danny Saber Remix] / Stupid Girl [Tee’s Radio Mix] / Queer [Heftybag Mix] / Queer [Danny Saber Mix] / Dog New Tricks [The Pal Mix] / Milk [Siren Mix] / Milk [Full Siren Mix] / Milk [The Wicked Mix featuring Tricky] / Milk [The Tricky Remix] / Milk [Completely Trashed Mix] / Milk [VIP Rufige Trash Your Shit Mix] / Milk [The Classic Remix] / Milk [Trance Mix] / Milk [D Mix] / Milk [Rabbit In The Moon Mix – a.k.a. Butchered Vegas Mix] / Milk [The Udder Remix] / Milk [Got It Mix] / Milk [Utter Edit]

Milk Discography