Israel, [AMSDS-89007], CD-R

Promotional CD-R issued in Israel. The front inlay is a copy of that from the USA, as is the CD-R itself, this also includes the text “made in israel for promo use only” as well as a logo which is often found on promotional releases from Israel.

Despite having the Almo logo on the release this release wasn’t issued by Almo.

Milk [CD, AMSDS-89007]

  1. Milk [3:55]
  2. Milk (Siren Mix) [4:03]
  3. Milk (The Udder Remix) [4:49]
  4. Milk (The Wicked Mix featuring Tricky) [4:01]

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USA, AMSDS-89007, CD

CD Single, 4 tracks (Milk / Milk (Siren Mix) / Milk (Udder Mix) / Milk (The Wicked Mix featuring Tricky)) in crystal jewel case.

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