Australia, D1519, CD

Commercial CD comes in a slimline jewel case.

The release is called Milk but really it’s a collection of tracks which was issued to promote the tour in 1997. It is the same CD as that used in the Australasian Tour – Souvenir Edition of the debut album TVD 93447 (RMD 53447). the release date on this item is take from that release and might be incorrect for this one.

Milk [CD, D1519]

  1. Milk (Rabbit In The Moon Mix) [5:46]
  2. Stupid Girl (Tee’s Radio Mix) [3:46]
  3. Queer (Danny Saber Mix) [5:39]
  4. Dog New Tricks (The Pal Mix) [4:02]
  5. Alien Sex Fiend [4:37]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • White [D1519]

Copyright Holders

  • Ⓟ 1996 Mushroom Records International BV.
  • © 1996 Mushroom Records International BV.

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