USA, PRO-A-8012, 12 Inch Single

Comes in a plain white card sleeve. The label on the vinyl is white with black text. This is unlike most other Almo Sound releases which normally have green on them as well. The track time for Milk – Full Siren mix is printed as 4:27 this is incorrect.

12 inch Single

  1. A1: Milk (Got It Mix) [9:33]
  2. A2: Milk (Butchered Vegas Mix) [5:49]
  3. B1: Milk (Full Siren Mix) [4:17]
  4. B2: Queer (Heftybag Mix) [9:10]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Almo Sounds [PRO-A-8012]


  • TGD Collection