Japan, HSE-3446, CD (with Badge)

CD album issued in Japan for Garbage’s Strange Little Birds album, comes with a free badge. These were distributed by Tower Records and some independent retailers but these only seemed to be with in-store purchases. These badges differ from the pins sold on the official online store and on the Strange Little Birds tour.

Inside you’ll find 2 photos of the band as well as a lyric booklet in both English and Japanese.

As with most releases issued in Japan there was also an OBI Strip contained on the release, while initial copies also had the New Music Friday sticker placed on them.

Strange Lilttle Birds [CD, HSE-3446]

  1. Sometimes [2:52]
  2. Empty [3:54]
  3. Blackout [6:32]
  4. If I Lost You [4:11]
  5. Night Drive Loneliness [5:24]
  6. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed [5:26]
  7. Magnetized [3:54]
  8. We Never Tell [4:25]
  9. So We Can Stay Alive [6:01]
  10. Teaching Little Fingers To Play [3:58]
  11. Amends [6:04]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Hostess Entertainment Unlimited [HSE-3446]
  • PIAS [HSE-3446]

Licensed by

  • PIAS

Copyright Holders

  • Ⓟ 2016 Garbage Unlimited Inc.
  • © 2016 Garbage Unlimited Inc.

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Japan, HSE-3446, CD

CD Album, 11 tracks (Sometimes / Empty / Blackout / If I Lost You / Night Drive Loneliness / Even Though Our Love Is Doomed / Magnetized / We Never Tell / So We Can Stay Alive / Teaching Little Fingers To Play / Amends) with OBI strip.

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