Oceania, MUSH106CDS, CD

CD single, comes in a stickered jewel case. Only one format this time, which was strange due to the success the band had with the album beautifulgarbage down under at the time. The same single was issued in Australia and New Zealand.

Shut Your Mouth [CD, MUSH106CDS]

  1. Shut Your Mouth [3:26]
  2. Happiness Pt.2 [5:58]
  3. Only Happy When It Rains (Live) (Official Recording) [4:14]
  4. Wild Horses (Live at BBC Re:covered) [4:54]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Festival Mushroom Records [MUSH106CDS]


  • TGD Collection

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Oceania, [MUSH106CDS], CD-R

Promotional CD-R, 4 tracks (Shut Your Mouth / Happiness Pt.2 / Only Happy When It Rains (Live) (Official Recording) / Wild Horses (Live at BBC Re:covered)) in plastic envelope

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