Oceania, [MUSH106CDS], CD-R

CD-R promotional single with custom paper sleeves housed inside a clear plastic wallet. The disc is written on with black pen and reads GARBAGE SHUT YOUR MOUTH. MUSH106CDS is not featured on the release itself.

Shut Your Mouth [CD-R]

  1. Shut Your Mouth [3:26]
  2. Happiness Pt.2 [5:58]
  3. Only Happy When It Rains (Live) (Official Recording) [4:14]
  4. Wild Horses (Live at BBC Re:covered) [4:54]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Festival Mushroom Records


  • TGD Collection

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Oceania, MUSH106CDS, CD

CD single, 4 tracks (Shut Your Mouth / Happiness Pt.2 / Only Happy When It Rains (Live) (Official Recording) / Wild Horses (Live at BBC Re:covered)) in slimline case

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