UK, D1199, CD (Repress)

Repressed CD single comes in slimline case with insert. Unlike the initial release the inlay doesn’t include the embossed G, nor does it contain a sticker on the case.


The G on the disc also differs with more of a white shadow being cast by the logo.

Only Happy When It Rains [CD, D1199]

  1. Only Happy When It Rains [3:58]
  2. Girl Don’t Come [2:33]
  3. Sleep [2:11]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Mushroom [D1199]


  • 3MV
  • BMG

Copyright Holders

  • Ⓟ 1995 Mushroom Records (UK) LTD.
  • © 1995 Mushroom Records (UK) LTD.


  • TGD Collection

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