Worldwide, CD-R (Angelfish Album Sampler)

Promotional Sampler CD for Not Your Kind Of People issued by Garbage’s own record label STUNVOLUME.

The CD-R was issued as “Angelfish Album Sampler” which of course is the name of Shirley Manson’s previous band.

The disc contains watermarked tracks and was issued with a press release

Angelfish Album Sampler [CD-R]

  1. Big Bright World
  2. Felt
  3. I Hate Love
  4. Man On A Wire
  5. Beloved Freak

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Worldwide, CD-R (Angelfish Album)

Promotional CD-R, 11 tracks (Automatic Systematic Habit / Big Bright World / Blood For Poppies / Control / Not Your Kind Of People / Felt / I Hate Love / Sugar / Battle In Me / Man On A Wire / Beloved Freak), issued as Angelfish Album

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