Europe, CD-R

Promotional CD-R comes in a PVC wallet with custom sleeve. The sleeves and disc have a unique watermarked so that Warner Brothers are able to track the release back to it’s registered owner.

These discs were issued all over Europe (including the UK) with slight differences on the sleeves, mainly the date the disc was issued.

Bleed Like Me [CD-R]

  1. Bad Boyfriend [3:46]
  2. Run Baby Run [3:58]
  3. Right Between The Eyes [3:56]
  4. Why Do You Love Me [3:55]
  5. Bleed Like Me [4:01]
  6. Metal Heart [4.00]
  7. Sex Is Not The Enemy [3:06]
  8. It’s All Over But The Crying [4:39]
  9. Boys Wanna Fight [4:17]
  10. Why Don’t You Come Over [3:26]
  11. Happy Home [6:00]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Warner Brothers Records