Europe, 50467-7681-2, CD

CD comes in a stickered crystal jewel case, saying: Includes The Hit Single Why Do You Love Me Plus 10 Brand New Songs.

The CD was also sold within the UK.

Free T-shirt in France

Virgin Megastores in France gave away limited edition Bleed Like Me t-shirts with the release.

Italian Editions

Italian, 50467-7681-2, CD

Copies issued in Italy are factory sealed with a hologram stuck on the case

Bleed Like Me [CD, 50467-7681-2]

  1. Bad Boyfriend [3:46]
  2. Run Baby Run [3:58]
  3. Right Between The Eyes [3:56]
  4. Why Do You Love Me [3:55]
  5. Bleed Like Me [4:01]
  6. Metal Heart [4.00]
  7. Sex Is Not The Enemy [3:06]
  8. It’s All Over But The Crying [4:39]
  9. Boys Wanna Fight [4:17]
  10. Why Don’t You Come Over [3:26]
  11. Happy Home [6:00]

Additional codes:

  • Label code: LC4281

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Warner Brothers Records [50467-7681-2]