UK, TRASH 47, 12 inch Single

Comes in a plain white die-cut sleeve, with custom stamped label.

Some were issued without a stamp on the label itself.

Mushroom did not make the sleeve like the other Trash Items from the beautifulgarbage promos which was a real shame, most likely down to cost cutting.

Shut Your Mouth [12 inch Single, TRASH 47]

  1. A1: Shut Your Mouth (Jolly Music Scary Full Vocal Mix) [5:17]
  2. A2: Shut Your Mouth (Jagz Kooner Vocal Mix) [4:42]
  3. B1: Shut Your Mouth (Ken Reay Remix) [6:58]
  4. B2: Shut Your Mouth (Jolly Music Scary Instrumental) [5:22]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Mushroom [TRASH 47]


  • TGD Collection