UK, DX 1237, Cassette (Test Pressing)

Unreleased test-pressing, only a very limited number made to showcase the second CD single of Queer (DX1237) in the UK.

Tracks 3 and 4 were renamed for the single. The catalogue number also has a space in it which never featured on the final version.

The spine has GARBAGE 4 TRACKS written on it.

Queer [Cassette, DX 1237]

  1. A1: Queer (Edit) [4:03]
  2. A2: Butterfly Collector [3:39]
  3. A3: Queer (Rabbit in the Moon Dub) [7:15]
  4. A4: Queer (Danny Saber Alt Vocal Mix) [5:39]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Mushroom [DX 1237]

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UK, DX1237, CD (2 of 2)

CD single, 4 tracks (Queer (Edit) / Butterfly Collector / Queer (Rabbit in the Moon Dub) / Queer (Danny Saber Alt Vocal mix) in stickered slimline case

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