Japan, SICP-3478, CD

Japanese issued deluxe edition with bonus track Love Like Suicide. Comes in a digipak with an OBI strip. The CD was issued in a resealable plastic bag. There is a triple gate-fold sleeve inside the release while the disc inside the sleeve is housed inside a sugar bag. As with most releases from Japan the album contains a Japaneses lyric booklet.

On the reverse of the OBI strip is a QR code. This takes you to the same URL that is also printed along side it which is https://krs.bz/good-music/m/garbage. At time of writing this URL results in an error 404 page.

Early versions had a stickered sleeve advertising the 2012 Summer Sonic festival where the band were performing.

The same version was also issued as a promotional CD, these have a yellow sticker on the reverse of the release.

Not Your Kind Of People [CD. SICP-3478]

  1. Automatic Systematic Habit [3:18]
  2. Big Bright World [3:36]
  3. Blood For Poppies [3:40]
  4. Control [4:13]
  5. Not Your Kind Of People [4:59]
  6. Felt [3:27]
  7. I Hate Love [3:55]
  8. Sugar [4:01]
  9. Battle In Me [4:16]
  10. Man On A Wire [3:09]
  11. Beloved Freak [4:33]
  12. The One [4:45]
  13. What Girls Are Made Of? [3:49]
  14. Love Like Suicide [3:51]
  15. Bright Tonight [4:04]
  16. Show Me [5:15]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) inc. [SICP-3478]

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Japan, SICP-3478, CD (Promotional)

Promotional CD Album, 16 tracks (Automatic Systematic Habit / Big Bright World / Blood For Poppies / Control / Not Your Kind Of People / Felt / I Hate Love / Sugar / Battle In Me / Man On A Wire / Beloved Freak / The One / What Girls Are Made Of / Love Like Suicide / Bright Tonight / Show Me) in digipak with OBI strip.

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