USA, PRO-C-4759, Cassette (Sampler)

Promotional cassette sampler for the debut album Garbage. Issued to the US Media.

Garbage [Cassette, PRO-C-4759]

  1. A1: Vow [4:34]
  2. A2: Only Happy When It Rains [3:47]
  3. A3: Fix Me Now [4:45]
  4. A4: As Heaven Is Wide [4:57]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • Almo Sounds [PRO-C-4759]

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Promotional Cassette, 12 tracks (Supervixen / Queer / Only Happy When It Rains / As Heaven Is Wide / Not My Idea / A Stroke Of Luck / Vow / Stupid Girl / Dog New Tricks / My Lover’s Box / Fix Me Now / Milk) in standard case

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