USA, CD-R (Test Pressing)

Unreleased CD-R featuring 13 remixes from the debut era. The release comes in a jewel case with custom sleeve and black CD tray.

There is a typo on the remix of #1 Crush (Nellie instead of Nellee).

The tracks also don’t have their full titles as per the commercial releases.

The CD-R itself is a Quantegy branded, 74MB / 650MB gold disc with a hand written title in permanent marker / felt pen reading “GARBAGE REMIXES”

The track listing on the inlay has a number of tracks with the incorrect title;

  1. Stupid Girl (Danny Saber Mix) [6:14]
  2. Dog New Tricks (Garbage Remix) [4:01]
  3. Milk (Siren Mix-Garbage) [4:00]
  4. Queer (Hefty Bag Mix-Rabbit In The Moon) [9:10]
  5. Stupid Girl (Future Retro Mix-Rabbit) [5:57]
  6. Milk (Udder Mix-Rabbit In The Moon) [4:44]
  7. Queer (Adrian Sherwood Mix) [5:11]
  8. Stupid Girl (Tee’s Freeze Club-Todd Terry) [4:25]
  9. Milk (Wicked Mix-Garbage W/Tricky) [4:01]
  10. Queer (F.T.F.O.I. Mix-Rabbit In The Moon) [7:15]
  11. Stupid Girl (Tee’s In The House Mix-Todd Terry) [5:50]
  12. #1 Crush (Nellie Hooper Mix) [4:46]
  13. Stupid Girl (Shoegazer Mix-Bently/Guez) [5:18]

Garbage Remixes [CD-R]

  1. Stupid Girl (Danny Saber Mix) [6:14]
  2. Dog New Tricks (The Pal Mix) [4:01]
  3. Milk (Siren Mix) [4:00]
  4. Queer (Heftybag Mix) [9:10]
  5. Stupid Girl (Future Retro Mix) [5:57]
  6. Milk (The Udder Remix) [4:44]
  7. Queer (The Very Queer Dub-bin) [5:11]
  8. Stupid Girl (Tee’s Freeze Club) [4:25]
  9. Milk (The Wicked Mix featuring Tricky) [4:01]
  10. Queer (F.T.F.O.I. Mix) [7:15]
  11. Stupid Girl (Tee’s In House Dub) [5:50]
  12. #1 Crush (Nellee Hooper Remix) [4:46]
  13. Stupid Girl (Shoegazer Mix) [5:18]

Additional information

This tracklisting has been corrected from that shown on the inlay of the release.

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  • Almo Sounds


  • Marco
  • Paul