UK, Cassette (Sampler)

Promotional sampler cassette containing 5 tracks from the debut album Garbage issued by Mushroom Records in the UK.

The release is limited to 100 copies only and comes in a standard case with black card inlay featuring the band’s iconic G logo, which is embossed.

The cassette is a standard BASF Chrome Super II. The release has no catalogue number.

There are 2 versions of the label on this release, one contains contact information for Rob Jefferson, the second does not.

Garbage [Cassette]

  1. A1: Vow [4:30]
  2. A2: Queer [4:36]
  3. A3: Only Happy When It Rains [3:56]
  4. A4: Fix Me Now [4:43]
  5. A5: As Heaven Is Wide [4:43]

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Catalogue Numbers

  • Mushroom