UK, 12VCD12, CD

This is the very first release that Garbage ever appeared on and if you can get hold of a copy it should sit somewhere in your collection.

The case for the release is in fact a 192 page book containing information on all the bands that appear on the release. Garbage have around 8 pages inside which is dedicated to them.

The release was also issued on LP with the catalogue number being 12VLP12. The release may also be sold as Volume Winter 94 or Volume Winter Sports Special

  1. Olivine: Node
  2. Good Times: Spiritualized
  3. Foetus: Goya Dress
  4. Vow: Garbage
  5. Visa for violet and van: Prolapse
  6. Girl meets girl: hriek
  7. Son of John Doe: Pet Lamb
  8. What love: Moby
  9. Tomorrow night: G. Love & Special Sauce
  10. Karma coma: Massive Attack
  11. Space theme (Tribute to John Cage in C A G and E): Experimental Audio Research
  12. Lower than stars: Laika
  13. Only now: Ride
  14. Dream on: Catatonia
  15. Wake up: Love Spit Love
  16. Pond life: Novocaine
  17. Days: Flinch
  18. In decline: Nitzer Ebb

Volume 12 [CD, 12VCD12]

  1. Vow

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Catalogue Numbers

  • Volume [12VCD12]


  • TGD Collection