Canada, MCAC 9598, Cassette

Very rare promotional release from Canada featuring 3 tracks from the debut album. The tape comes in a slip card case and is shrink wrapped. The front of the sleeve reads “when someone tells you that today’s music is Garbage believe them!” followed by For promotional use only not for sale.

Side A

  1. A1: Queer [4:36]
  2. A2: Vow (Excerpt) [1:15]
  3. A3: Only Happy When It Rains (Excerpt) [1:11]

Record Companies

Catalogue Numbers

  • MCA Records Canada [MCAC 9598]
  • Almo Sounds


  • MCA Records Canada

Copyright Holders

  • © 1995 MCA Records Inc.
  • Ⓟ 1995 MCA Records Inc.