Hong Kong, CD-R

Promotional CD-R issued on Love Da Records.

The sleeve is made of card and looks like a standard branded envelope which Love Da Records use for all their promotional CD-Rs. This then has the Not Your Kind Of People cover art which is roughly cut out glued to it.

The disc is plain while with a sticker containing the information related to the release. This reads;

“Blood For poppies”
Intro 0’16” Duration: 3’38” Sharp Cut

From their 1st new album in 7 years
“Not Your Kind Of People”

While the above sticker may suggest that there are two tracks it is only one, the sticker would be used as a cue sheet if used at all.

The release surfaced in June 2012.

Some copies have a press release

Blood For Poppies [CD-R]

  1. Blood For Poppies [3:38]

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  • Love Da Records