I Buy Collections

Are you a previous employee of Mushroom, Almo, White or any other label?

Have you worked with Garbage in the studio and have any unreleased material? Maybe you remixed them and have some DAT tapes. Maybe you’re a collector just like I am and have a Garbage collection for sale?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions and you have any of the following then I am interested in buying directly from you;

  • Acetates
  • Test pressings
  • Unreleased DAT tapes
  • Promotional releases including tapes and CD-R pressings issued anywhere in the World, plus test pressings of the albums
  • Gold & Platinum discs
  • Tour itineraries, jackets, clothing or passes
  • Releases from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia and South America
  • plus anything else you may have which is rare

Please contact me with a full list and what you are after for more details.

Why I'm not after

There are a number of items which I’m not after these include.

  • UK commercial singles, including CD’s, 7″ singles, and cassettes, unless there is some oddity with them such as a typo on the sleeve, hype sticker or something unique about the release you have. If you’re unsure then mail me with photos and I’ll check out what you have.