Donate A Release

I have been collecting Garbage items since early 1996 and have tried to compile the most accurate resource for fellow collectors around the world.

While it is often the case that I receive submissions from fellow collectors and fans around the world the data which I receive is often a mixed bag to say the least with some people providing everything and others unsure what a catalogue number is.

When I took the decision to rebuild the current version of the site I decided to start from scratch, this meant a clean up of every single release within the database. this I did by going through my own collection of close to 1000 unique items. I found this the best way to make sure that the data contained on the site is 100% correct.

This approach is only possible if I have the item in my hand. While over the years I have had, and still do have contact with the bands management, I’ve only been able from time to time receive the odd item directly from them, therefore the vast majority of what I have listed on this site has been paid for out of my own pocket.

The site is not free to run as I have both domain name and hosting costs which need to be paid for. I have always tried to remained ad-free, and will do so for the foreseeable future, however anything I can recoup I’d like to.

If this site has ever been of any use to you, and you feel that you can help in providing a physical copy of anything for free please do get in touch with me as I’d love to take that unwanted, unofficial cassette from Russia or CD you no longer want from Taiwan off your hands, and add it to the the most precise database on the Internet for collectors of Garbage.